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High quality comedy. Sort of.
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Best Snake Ever! by Kobrakin Best Snake Ever! :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 9 20
One Small Step
Both solid earth and great reaching sky
With mighty shackles did seem to bind
Our quest to see what beyond did lie
And what great wonders we could find.
Yet there came a day in decades past
When we sought to break our chain
Two titans woke at long last
To reach the skies above the rain.
One sent out a wayfarer of steel
Small yet great in equal measure
And in the heavens it did feel
Untold wonder and silent pleasure.
Soon followed a mortal man
A simple fellow of blood and flesh
He went above and said "We can!"
And the world once more seemed fresh.
All eyes then settled on one great sphere
Silent and lovely did it always hover
The task was now made crystal clear
With boots we wished its face to cover.
Both titans set forth their greatest minds
To create a testament of untold might
They would not allow the earth which binds
To fill them with either sloth nor fright.
Sadly there were those that died
From both titans their blood did spill
And when they did the titans cried
But they refused
:iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 4 3
Surfin' and Derpin' by Kobrakin Surfin' and Derpin' :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 3 23 Abyrae OC Commission: Lady Von Kraken by Kobrakin Abyrae OC Commission: Lady Von Kraken :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 2 4 I Remember Saintbomber by Kobrakin I Remember Saintbomber :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 3 18 Hinoraito Commission by Kobrakin
Mature content
Hinoraito Commission :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 4 7
Saintbomber Commission (Part 3) by Kobrakin Saintbomber Commission (Part 3) :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 1 10 Saintbomber Commission (Part 2) by Kobrakin Saintbomber Commission (Part 2) :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 0 8 Saintbomber Commission (Part 1) by Kobrakin Saintbomber Commission (Part 1) :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 0 4 Horrible Changeling by Kobrakin Horrible Changeling :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 3 2 Box Pony: TRUE Origins! by Kobrakin Box Pony: TRUE Origins! :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 1 9

   Images. Thoughts.
                                                                                     Dreams. Memories.
:iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 3 26
Happy Birthday Lionel! by Kobrakin Happy Birthday Lionel! :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 1 5 ...We'll Have to Improvise! by Kobrakin ...We'll Have to Improvise! :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 2 21
Pinkie Pie Meets the Universe
The Universe is an impossibly vast and mysterious place, filled with untold wonder and beauty. Infinite, glorious, and breathtaking, its miraculous workings bring tears to the eyes of artists, scientists, and laymen alike. Even the infinitesimally minute sliver of the cosmos visible from any given star, planet, or asteroid is enough to leave even the most cynical of souls utterly breathless. Truly, the Universe is as magnificent as it is vast, stretching beyond sight, sound, and imagination.
Also, it is a colossal jerk.
As a matter of fact, it would not be stretching the truth to say that the most spiteful entity in the Universe was, in fact, the Universe itself. It loved nothing more than to ram galaxies together, smash asteroids into planets, and wipe out vast swaths of the cosmos with hyper-nova radiation, all for the sake of making sure that life never reared its disgusting little head. In fact, the very idea of living organisms crawling around its vast, unfathomable reaches w
:iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 16 37
Scheduling Conflict by Kobrakin Scheduling Conflict :iconkobrakin:Kobrakin 7 57


Apples to Oranges by Karzahnii Apples to Oranges :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 4,695 514 Cobra Mark Crusader by RydelFox Cobra Mark Crusader :iconrydelfox:RydelFox 39 7
Cooperative God | Chapter 2
[[ Looking for Chapter 1? Click here. ]]
Hesitantly, God slid the picture to the edge of the desk and picked it up, barely able to believe the shocking image that lay before him.
"This is a picture of a zebra fucking an antelope," He said.
"Oh, uh, sorry." Mike didn't waste a second snatching the picture from God's hand and placing it gently back into the manila folder from which it had came. "That's, uh… that's mine."
God rolled His eyes as Mike drew a second photograph from the same folder, placing it again on God's desk. "This is the picture I need you to see." Once again, God picked up and examined the picture.
"Oh… my… self," God exclaimed."Is this real? WHAT IN THE ALMIGHTY FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?"
"I don't know, sir, we tried to—"
"SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH," God retorted, and Mike did oblige, quickly shutting his whore mouth. "HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ANYTHING DONE A
:icongames4me:Games4me 2 5
Baroness Painted by SheldonGoh Baroness Painted :iconsheldongoh:SheldonGoh 296 21 Happy Pinkie Pie by KP-ShadowSquirrel Happy Pinkie Pie :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 2,771 219 *Klink* *Klonk* by lirale *Klink* *Klonk* :iconlirale:lirale 9 15 that's sissy stuff by Selective-Yellow that's sissy stuff :iconselective-yellow:Selective-Yellow 216 29 Violet by jane-beata Violet :iconjane-beata:jane-beata 2,435 138 Welcome to Creepytown! by KP-ShadowSquirrel Welcome to Creepytown! :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 1,942 163 Warm Spice by RazerWing
Mature content
Warm Spice :iconrazerwing:RazerWing 4 8
IDW Cobra Commander by Decepticoin IDW Cobra Commander :icondecepticoin:Decepticoin 65 6
Tag and Release
So, I got Tagged by :iconkobrakin:
Kinda wish I could tag back, so I could see him respond to some of my questions. Anyway, let's get this over with:
1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them that you have tagged her/him
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people!
1) In Soviet Russia, __________ ____________s YOU!

In Soviet Russia, tag friends YOU!
2) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could have the strength of ten gorillas?
Enough barrels to finally kill Mario.
3) Where do you see yourself in ten years, assuming you were a manatee?
What do you mean, African or Caribbean?
4) Which would you prefer: a gun that fires sharks, or a shark that fires guns?
:iconcyberglass:Cyberglass 1 11
Waiting Games by MLP-Silver-Quill Waiting Games :iconmlp-silver-quill:MLP-Silver-Quill 5,135 845 livestream stuff 01 by CSImadmax livestream stuff 01 :iconcsimadmax:CSImadmax 888 129


:icontrixiecondescendsplz: ...Is Trixie to assume you are her date? :iconcobraponyplz: Bah! Don't remind me. Make no mistake, I'm only here because that idiotic site only provid...

Poor, poor Rainbow Dash. :( Failure, especially at something you truly tried your best at, is a devastating blow to one's self-confidenc...

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweetsweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweetsweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet...

Yet another wonderful piece showcasing how greatly you have grown as an artist! The only conceivable critique I can offer is that Rainb...



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First order of business: my sincerest apologies to all of you! After moving, things have been so busy, and then it hit me just how long it had been since I was on DA. I am terribly sorry to have worried anyone, but I want to assure you that I am doing well. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to be on much for the foreseeable future, at least until after New Years. I feel like quite the heel for having left all of you hanging for this long, without so much as a peep. Again, I cannot properly express how sorry I am. I will do my best to be more active, and to, at the very least, check in once a week or so. I wish you all the best, and hope you have a happy holidays!


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